I stumbled upon the Sunkissed Complete Mini Bronze Compact by accident while browsing the net for Christmas Gift ideas last year. I was a little apprehensive about ordering this compact because I thought to myself, “What if I hate it!?”
Also, I usually do not purchase make-up online as I prefer to see the product up close ‘n personal – in my hand.

I ordered the Sunkissed Complete Mini Bronze Compact from a local South African online store,  Takealot.com. The site Takealot.com is easy to navigate, service is great and delivered when promised.

It’s here! (Within 3 days my order arrived). I could not wait to open this parcel. At first I was a little surprised at how small the packaging is but now I love it! Why? Because when I’m rushing to get my make-up done in the morning it fits perfectly in my hand. #love

Everything about this compact is cute and tiny and the quantities are perfect.

This is what the compact contains:
1 | Eye-liner (Black)
1 | Mascara (Black)
1 | Lip Liner (Deep Brown)
1 | Deep Peach Blush
1 | Bronzer
1 | Light Powder
3| Lip colours
6 | Shimmer Eyeshadows
Application Brushes

Below is an image of my Sunkissed Complete Mini Bronze Compact and yes, I’ve used it a lot! #everyday

Conclusion: Buy It.
Cost: R165-00

It’s the perfect summer accessory… for your face! 🙂

Post your thoughts below, I’d love to hear from you.

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You can purchase this product direct from the Supplier HERE 
Image: www.fastsellers.co.uk

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